With several years of facilitating creative writing workshops under my belt, I have an ability to quickly identify the heart of a story or novel. I know what makes a piece of fiction come alive just as much as I know what makes it lag, and I will help you cut the fat while further developing the most interesting parts of your story. In practice, I favor scene over exposition, and I am particularly adept at helping writers to make their work more active and engaging, as well as plotting and restructuring a piece to its greatest, most readable capacity. I also enjoy getting into the gritty, detail-oriented portions of the work, but always with an eye towards the bigger picture, sure to only give micro edits when they will service the work on a macro level.

When time allows, I do take on the occasional freelance editing or consulting project, including manuscript critiques. Please contact me for more information.


“Mandy Berman is an exceptional editor. She provided crucial insights into my manuscript and illuminated areas throughout that needed attention. In addition, her edit letter was thorough and packed with actionable suggestions. I wholeheartedly recommend working with her.”
— Daniel Berkowitz

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