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Mandy's Season 4 "Broad City" recaps for Alma:
     · The Abbi & Ilana Origin Story.
     · RuPaul, Wanda Sykes & an Unfunny Shania Twain.
     · Ilana Gets Rich & Sh*ts Herself.
     · A Total Trip.
     · Abbi's Mom Visits & Sh*t Gets Real.
     · Broad City Confirms: Tr*mp Is a Lady Boner Killer.
     · Broad City Goes to Florida, America's Droopy D*ck.
     · Broad City Asks: Can Jerking Off Save the World?
     · Broad City Tackles Its Riskiest Subject Yet.
     · Broad City Season Finale Celebrates the Glory That Is The 
       Abbi/Ilana Friendship.
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